Stories in Motion: There’s Something About a Film | Chapel Hill Family Films

Ever since the first motion pictures were created in the 1890s, even without sound or color, we have fallen in love the experience that comes only from watching a film. There’s a full, rich sensory experience that can’t quite be captured in a single frame.

Once VHS camcorders hit the market in the mid-1970s, home video making took off. We wanted to savor our babies’ first steps; their tiny voices; learning to ride a bike. And suddenly, it became affordable for the middle class to create their own family movies.


Of course, the videos were often shaky and grainy. The sound quality was terrible (especially if you were shooting outdoors) but we didn’t care. We had a piece of our lives that we could relive over, and over, and over again. Today, almost everyone carries a video camera with them everywhere they go. We take 30-second videos on our phones of all sorts of important moments in our lives. They’re still shaky. The sound quality still isn’t great if there’s any sort of background noise. And the film clips tend to stay locked up on our phones and social media accounts where they are all too often simply forgotten about. We may rematch them once a year when Facebook pops up reminders, but otherwise, we tend to simply forget that they exist at all.



How much better would it be to have an actual family short-film. A whole story about your family and what makes you unique. No distracting background noise. Moments thoughtfully captured. Your toddler’s shaky steps. Your two year-old’s adorable mispronunciations. The way your five year-old gets so excited about making a basketball goal. The beautiful capability and self-confidence of your ten year-old as she starts to really feel like a young woman, and not just a little kid. Imagine all of these moments woven together artistically with music, and movement, and voices to create the fabric of your lives in a way that you’ll want to watch over and over and over again.

Don’t just imagine. Watch.

This is a day in my family’s life. Let’s preserve a day in your family’s life.

Drop me a line to learn more about special introductory pricing available for bookings through the end of the year. Your life is beautiful. Family memories are within your reach.