Spotlight On: The Pittsboro Farmers’ Market

In this series I am sharing locally owned, family friendly, small businesses. I’ll be sharing businesses that my family has loved for years; businesses that we’ve recently fallen in love with; and businesses that we want to share with all of you. If you are a small business owner or know of an awesome small business that I should feature, please let me know!

We have a truly magnificent gem here in Pittsboro. Each Thursday afternoon from 3 pm until 6 pm, farmers come from all over Chatham county and even just a little bit beyond to bring the freshest, most delicious food right to all of us at the Pittsboro Farmers’ Market. But they bring much more than just sustenance. They bring community and friendship to those who come week after week to purchase their goods.
I’ve brought my children with me to the market nearly every week for the past two seasons. By now, we know all of the farmers well and have become accustomed to the seasonal rhythms of who to expect at market each week. But from the very first Thursday that we came to buy milk, eggs, and sausage, this market felt like home. Everyone is so friendly. It is wonderful to talk with the people who grow your food. Food is life. There is something really quite wonderful about knowing exactly what it is that you are putting into your body. But there’s something even more wonderful about seeing the families that you are supporting and having relationships with the people who are, quite literally, feeding you on a daily basis.  When you grab a sack of potatoes at the grocery, you generally know little more than in which state they grew. And of course, all of the people that bring those potatoes to you deserve to provide for their families as well. But there is something truly amazing about buying a dozen eggs from a family at the market and seeing a boy’s eyes light up as he tells you about his hens.

Pittsboro Farmers Farmer Foodshare Donation Stations
I had the privilege of working with the farmers a couple of weeks ago to document the watermelon festival that they held at the market and to ask those at the market what they love about our Pittsboro Farmers’ Market. Most everyone agreed that the people make the market.

Why I love Farmers“I love the amazing people.” “The farmers rock!” “The people are great and the food is delicious.” “♥ all the people and food.” And apparently, there’s some special love for one farmer in particular. Tucker Withington of Lilly Den Farm got not just one but two shout outs.

Besides all of the wonderful people and the wonderful food, there’s the family-friendly atmosphere. On any given day, there are a couple of farmers that especially love kids and hand out treats. Mine have learned which farmers have candy, which always have samples, and where the toys are. The Pittsboro Farmers’ Market is also coordinating a special event each month during the season with themed activities for the kids and kids at heart. This past month was the watermelon festival. There was live music, a storyteller, watermelon samples and crafts, and contests with prizes.
This month there will be a Back-to-School Bash at the Pittsboro Farmers’ Market on August 27. So whether you’re looking for easy breakfast ideas to get the kids out the door in the morning; the lunchbox dilemma has you down; or you’re just there for the recess games, come on out and see what this wonderful market has to offer.
Watermelon Festival Contests Watermelon Craft Activities Farmers

Pittsboro Farmers’ Market vendors pictured in the images above include:

Farmer Foodshare
Lilly Den farm
Hargrove Family Farm
Cynthia Raxter, Storyteller
Fiddlehead Farm
Granite Springs Farm
Red Roots Farm
Lu’s Farm
Oakleaf Restaurant
Deep River Farm
Silk Hope Produce
Kalawi Farm

Be sure to check back for next month’s small business spotlight when I’ll be featuring Kim Newell at Oak Lane Farm. If you or your child are interested in horseback riding lessons, you definitely won’t want to miss it!

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