Cherish Your Loved Ones | Extended Family Photography

When I received an e-mail inquiry asking if I would be available to photograph his family on Mothers’ Day, my first thought was “I don’t wanna work on Mothers’ Day.” But since technically my only plans were a quiet evening at home I called him to see exactly what he had in mind. He told me that he was planning a family get together involving four generations. He told me about his 93 year old mother and his one month old grandson who lives far, far away. He got it. He really understood the importance of photography. So of course, I couldn’t say no. What better way to spend Mothers’ Day than creating beautiful photos of generations of mothers together in one place.

Great-grandmother and babies Boy on TricycleIt’s not often that four generations of the same family get together in this day and age. We are busier than ever. We move around and end up scattered across the country. We lose track of the days, weeks, month, years… Time keeps marching on and we grow older and live our lives and realize we haven’t been home as recently as we’d like. And getting everyone home all at the same time? Well that’s even harder. One sibling comes home for Thanksgiving, another for Christmas. Perhaps one sibling comes home over the kids’ spring break but another during the summer.
I am the oldest of five siblings. It’s been close to a decade since we were all in the same room together. We had a family reunion once when I was in high school. Since then I’ve lost an aunt, my grandfather, and an uncle. I know this is a little bit deep but we are not promised tomorrow. I am so thankful for the photos that my family took at that reunion. Even though there were a few people missing, they are the most complete family photos I have and can never happen again.

Cherish the moments with your family and extended family. Hire someone to take photos so that everyone can be in them together. It is worth every penny. Take photos every chance you get. Print those photos and enjoy them. You never know which photo may be the last photo that you get to take. Hire someone that you really trust because as my client said more than once in our conversations together. “I don’t know how many more chances we’ll get.”

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