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My name is Rachel Fann and I want to create your family’s story book.

My husband and I both have very few childhood photos for a variety of reasons. We each have one small album with photos of our families when were kids. These albums full of yellowed, creased, torn photos are some of our children’s favorite “story books.” The stories aren’t written in the books themselves, but come from their father and I. Stories of our families when we were young. Stories of things that happened before they were born. These stories are absolutely mesmerizing to small children.

Pittsboro, NC

Photo Credit: Aralynn Fann

My six year old daughter took the photo to the left. I can see how chapped my lips look; my big, crooked teeth; I’m still in my pajamas and probably haven’t had a shower in a day or two. And yet, I love this photo. This photo is me. It is who I am today in real life. THrough all of the imperfections, what you see most is the love. I’m playing with my baby after I’ve changed his diaper. I’ve been cooking and cleaning and preparing for Thanksgiving dinner all day and I paused for a moment to make my baby giggle at me. And my daughter captured that moment beautifully. It is incredibly precious to me, and one day it will be even more precious to my son.
I have been my family’s photographer ever since I got my first camera over 20 years ago and today, with a family of my own, I have infinite opportunities to hone my craft on a daily basis. I absolutely love how one photo can spark a story and bring people together. I love creating the stories that make up a family’s history. My approach to family photography is unique. I am truly going to capture who you are at this moment in your lives doing what you do. No posing, no script, just you.

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Durham, NC