16 Completely random things to know about me…

Why 16?

16 is my favorite number.

Why is 16 my favorite number?

2²=4; 4²=16. 16 is the first square of squares that isn’t itself.

And yes, I know I’m a nerd.


16 facts about me, in no particular order:



1. In case you weren’t sure yet about the nerd thing…

(My favorite TV show is Big Bang Theory and I refer to it quite regularly.)


2. I’m a mom of 5 (!) and I firmly believe there is nothing in this world better than snuggling up with babies and falling asleep.

File Sep 26, 10 22 57 AM










3. For the most part I eat pretty healthily, but Snickers are most definitely my downfall.



4. I served as the FBLA-PBL PBL Southern Region Vice President in college (2007-2008).

(Once again: Nerd alert! Check out those stylin’ polos.)




5. I’m also a craft beer snob. Current favorite? Highland Brewing’s Big Briar.





6. Since having kids, I’ve become a total gym rat.

(Free childcare = sanity saver. Gym time is good for the body and the mind.)

File Sep 27, 11 01 18 AM

7. Toughest thing I’ve ever done? Spartan Race.

I’ve done 3 Sprints (their shortest length, 3-5 miles) and am working on completing the Trifecta where you complete all three of their races (Sprint, 3-5 miles; Super, 8-10 miles; and Beast, 12-14 miles) within one calendar year.













8. The beach is my happy place.


9. I’m usually more of a 80s/90s rock gal, but this YouTube Video makes me exceedingly happy.


10. I went to grad school for Speech-Language Pathology and focused on breastfeeding special needs newborns. Little did I know, that five years later I’d be using everything I learned to feed my tiniest baby.

He was born three weeks early and was definitely not quite fully baked. He struggled to breathe for the first few hours, and then struggled to eat for the first few months. He was also tongue-tied and we spent months working on feeding skills and the strength and stamina to fully breastfeed. For the first few weeks after he was born, I literally spent around 18 hours a day working on feeding him.

While I am so glad that that chapter of our lives is over, I am also glad to have experienced it simply for the understanding it gives me when other moms come to me struggling to keep up with feeding their little ones.





11. I think it would be absolutely amazing to sell everything and take my family on the road for a year (or more) just to see the country. 

(Even if you don’t live near Pittsboro, NC, feel free to reach out. Chances are pretty good that I’d LOVE to come visit!)

12. Whether I wanted to or not, I’ve become a soccer mom. Four out of five kids play (and the fifth is still a baby), so most of our Saturdays are spent on the soccer field.




13. I was born and raised near Asheville, NC and still get a little giddy every time I see the mountains off in the distance. It just feels like coming home.


















14. I’m an avid knitter. I taught myself when I was 10 and haven’t put the needles down yet.



15.  I am the DDR queen. Go ahead; challenge me to a dance off.




















16. I played the violin in school and went to All-State Orchestra every year in middle and high school.